Monday, September 21, 2009

Comm Club Attends “Google: Experiments in Digital Creativity” Panel at Advertising Week

Natan here again. The other panel at Advertising Week today that is worth noting and sharing with everyone was Google’s “Experiments in Digital Creativity”. I could go on forever “geeking out” to the cool things their creative people showed us, but instead I would like to just share with you the presentation itself which can be found at

Here were some of my favorite Google inventions from the presentation:

1. Example of clickable videos - booneoakley – redirects you to their YouTube page, which is a clickable video. My words wouldn't give it justice, so I recommend you just check it out and see the possibilities of centralizing a brand or a company through YouTube. The possibilities are limitless. A university could present the brands of their school in a whole new light through a medium that our demographic loves going to.

2. Zappos - what shoes are being bought everywhere -

3. Monopoly, Google Maps style -

4. Make history - 9/11 memorial, sponsored by Google -

5. Stweet – Tweet with a picture of exactly where you are standing based on Google’s coordinates -

6. – Create beautiful word clouds. -

7. Augmented Reality - Postal Service’s feature that lets you see how big a box will be for your package -

8. Google Wave – Google’s whole new approach to thinking about different Google Apps -

9. Google Trends – “In aggregate, what people are thinking about and why” -

We would love to hear your thoughts on the presentation, especially ways that NYU could benefit/use some of Google’s Apps or APIs.

-Natan Edelsburg, Vice President


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